The Hazards Of Fire Damage Cleanup In Colorado

By Roxanne Turnbloom

When fire damages, your Colorado property chances are many people have advice on how you should manage it. Friends, family, or business associates might encourage you to take on the task of cleaning up your home or business as a do-it-yourself project. Their reasoning may include the belief the cost is lower or that you experience less disruption when you handle the remediation and restoration yourself.

Several hard facts about fire damage abatement contradict these assumptions. Colorado property owners who attempt to recover from a fire loss without professional assistance risk the safety and health of themselves and their family, employees, or others who come in contact with the damaged spaces. They also stand to jeopardize the structural integrity of their house or commercial building and take the chance that building components deteriorate and require extensive and costly demolition, repair, and replacement. Furthermore, the fire damage contents and personal possessions can be ruined despite an owner best efforts.

Fire damage occurs rapidly to all structures and contents. Physical charing is an obvious result, but property owners may not realize how destructive soot and smoke damage are to everything inside a building. Smokey and sooty residues need attention within minutes to hours after the firefighters leave. The compounds produced by combustion are acidic and corrosive, discoloring, warping, and etching materials as varied as glass, metal, plastic, fabrics, and wood. The response must be comprehensive and fast, best accomplished by a crew of experienced fire damage technicians. An individual cannot expect to work as quickly as needed nor be able to cope with damage that can engulf an entire building with soot.

Fire damage residues are toxic, in whole or part. The act of combustion creates chemical reactions resulting in noxious and even life-threatening gases and debris. Cleanup of this potential health hazard requires the skills of trained assessors directing a team of fire damage mitigation workers who wear appropriate personal protective equipment and follow proven restoration industry protocols developed by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

Deodorization is a difficult job requiring both experience and training to accomplish. No matter how clean your property appears, if the singed and smoky smells remain, restoration is not complete. Air fresheners and other coverups are inadequate. Professional deodorization specialists have many strategies, some requiring expensive equipment and procedures only certified individuals can employ.

Almost every Colorado fire damage scenario requires a preliminary water damage remediation before cleanup of the charing, soot, and smoke. Water removal and drying necessitate professional equipment and experts familiar with best practices to be successful. It also adds a whole level of remediation usually needing a number of workers to complete.

If a blaze involving your Colorado property causes harm, look for a restoration company with a proven record to assist you. A firm that obtains fire and smoke damage restoration technician status from IICRC for their workers offers you reliability and peace of mind.


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